Fees Change April 1st — No Foolin’!

We’re getting a great response from our community, with lots of people interested in signing up for WRW 2014. Many of you have already registered — thanks! — and taken advantage of our Early Bird discount on signup fees. For folks who haven’t signed up yet, this is just a friendly reminder that the Early Bird flies away soon! March 31st is the final day we’ll offer the discount, so be sure to sign up now! (Just click on the Run Signup icon on the right side of this page to register.)

If you’ve already signed up, have you already laced up? Now is a great time to start training for the 5k, especially if this is your first. There are plenty of great (and free) online resources to help you train. Here are a few to get you started (note: clicking any of the links below opens a new window and directs you to an external site that is not part of WRW or Friends of MADACC):

Pooch to 5k: a variation of the popular “couch to 5k” training programs that help inactive people train for their first run, this Australian-based site has great tips and a free training program for people who want to get Fido fit.

A Guide for Beginning Runners from About.com: includes an eight-week schedule to get you ready for WRW 2014!

How Not To Run Your First 5k or 10k: Need a laugh? Enjoy this somewhat snarky take on preparing for your first race.

Thanks for your support and get ready to walk, run and wag!

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