Top Ten Reasons to Register Early for Walk Run Wag 2015

WRW 2015 is on May 30, which seems like a long way away. But we’re just ten days away from the end of our Early Registration period. Why should you register before May 1? We’ve got ten great reasons:

10. Save the planet! Register online and you won’t have to fill out a form and waiver on race day, which saves paper, which saves trees, which is the green way to go.

9. Build momentum! We are fortunate to have a number of businesses and organizations support us, but we’re always looking for bring new sponsors to the event. Many times, folks we approach want to know about the size of the event. The more people we have registered early, the more interest we can generate among potential sponsors.

8. Spread the word! Register early and, when you talk up the event to friends, neighbors, local businesses you frequent and your workplace, and people ask if you’re doing Walk Run Wag 2015, you can answer “heck yeah!”

7. Reduce stress! Register early and it’s smooth sailing till race day. No need to worry about arriving early and waiting in lines (which can be very long) to register on May 30, the day of the event.

6. Plan your weekend! We know we’re heading into a busy time of year, but register early, reserve Saturday, May 30th on your calendar for WRW2015 and you’ve set aside a day for fun. In addition to the 5k race and 1 and 2 mile walks, we’ve got hours of awesome activities in store: lure coursing, agility, vendors and rescue booths, live music from local band Bushwood, tasty food trucks with plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options, a beer tent and much, much more, including a few BIG SURPRISES we’ll be announcing soon. Make a day of it with your family!

5. Motivation! Whether you’re planning on running the 5k or doing our 1- or 2- mile walking course, making a commitment to the May 30th event today will help motivate you to lace up those sneakers, stretch and hit the sidewalk/track/trail/treadmill. And if you’re doing the event with your pup, you’ve got time to shake off those winter laze-abouts and get back into the habit of long walks or jogs with your favorite four-leg. You and your pooch will benefit from the extra exercise and show up on the starting line May 30th in fine form!

4. Make your fee go further! Registering early means you’ll have plenty of time to create a fundraising page and encourage family and friends to support your race — all of which maximizes the help you’re giving Milwaukee’s neediest animals. Visit our Fundraising page for an easy how-to.

3. Team building! Literally! Registering early gives you time to form a team, which will make both training and participating in WRW even more fun. Check out our Team page for more information.

2. Guaranteed swag! Register early to be assured that a t-shirt in your requested size is waiting for you when you pick up your race materials 8-10 am May 30, the morning of the event at Hart Park in Wauwatosa, or at our early packet pick-up on Friday, May 29, 3:30-7:30 at MADACC, 3839 W. Burnham.

1. SAVE MONEY! Hey, we get it. This is Milwaukee, after all, and we all love a bargain. That’s why you should register early, before May 1, to save $5 off your registration fee.

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