Be a WRW Fundraiser and Get This Awesome Shirt!

You know you want this shirt. It’s yours when you raise $50 or more on a free custom WRW2017 fundraising page.

That’s right: we’ve got a special shirt for special people participating in WRW2017. Raise $50 or more on your custom fundraising page and you get this adorable, exclusive, locally designed t-shirt.

I want it! How do I get that fundraising page? It’s easy! When you register for Walk Run Wag 2017 online, you’ll get the option to create a fundraising page. It’s fast and free and you can customize it with your own photos and your personal story about why you support us (thanks for doing so, by the way!).

If you registered by mail, or signed up online way back in January, you can still create the customized fundraising page for free here. It takes just a few minutes — maybe even just seconds if you type fast!

Remember: this shirt is available only to individuals who raise at least $50 through their official WRW2017 fundraising page. So sign up today and get that page going!

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